10 of the Best Rihanna Hairstyles

Try These Rihanna Hairstyles And Impress Your Gals!

Rihanna is not just a multi-platinum selling pop sensation but she is also a bona fide style icon. New Rihanna hairstyles seem to pop up almost as often as her new hit songs. You can follow her on Instagram to see her hairstyles transform or you can check out the list below for a definitive collection of all of the best Rihanna hairstyles that we’ve had the privilege of seeing.


Tina Turner Inspired Hair

Rihanna rocked this cute long hairstyle to the 2012 Grammys and ended up turning the heads of everyone in the audience with her platinum blonde locks and frizzy curls that looked much like something Tina Turner would rock out.

Red Curls

For a long period of time (at least in terms of Rihanna hairstyle time), the singer sported fiery red hair that accentuated her prominent curves. She graced countless magazine covers and won a couple of “sexiest woman in the world” awards when she posed with red curls much like the ones you see in the picture below.

 10 of the Best Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna Hairstyles

Red Curls

The Mullet

The mullet, which many thought was a long-lost relic of the 1980’s, is now a prominent Rihanna hairstyle. The singer sports what looks like a rat-tail in the back and a cute pixie hairstyle in the front. Not many people could pull this off but Rihanna certainly does!

Long, Two-toned Curls

Back before Rihanna became a household name, she wore her hair in long, two-tone curls that now seem conservative compared to her other choices. After Rihanna wore this look, many others began following suit and started wearing the same hairstyle.

Two toned Curls 10 of the Best Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna Hairstyles

Long, Two-toned Curls

Short Curly Bob

When Rihanna wore a short bob hairstyle, she accentuated it with mini curls on the sides and a side part that added depth to the short hairstyle. It can often be a tough look to pull off but she did it next to flawlessly.


When Rihanna decided to wear a pompadour hairstyle, she took inspiration from both James Dean and from current trends. This short hairstyle worn by Rihanna featured clipped sides and a pointy pomp that popped on runways and in music videos.

Pompadour 10 of the Best Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna Hairstyles


Sleek Pixie Hairstyle

Another uncharacteristically conservative Rihanna hairstyle was her sleek pixie hairstyle which was short, crisp, and to the point. Unfortunately, it did not give style magazines much to gossip about.

Side-swept Bob

Rihanna was able to pull off a side-swept bob that really accentuated her long face. She wore her hair long to the front on one side and made it sleek using a smoothing serum that you can find in most any retail store.

Fringe Bob

For a short period of time, Rihanna followed other popular trends for hairstyles by incorporating a full-head bob with a fringe on her bangs.

Long Wavy Hair

Even when Rihanna is not blazing paths with her hairstyle choices, she manages to look elegant and classy. For another period of time, she wore hair extensions that made her look like a preppy fashion model instead of the controversial singer that she is.

If you walk into any hair salon, there’s a good chance that your stylist will be able to give you a Rihanna hairstyle because they receive so many requests for them. Make sure to consult with a hair professional to make sure your face is a good match for particular Rihanna hairstyles and take some pictures in case your stylist of choice may not be familiar with who Rihanna is.

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