3 of the Best Blonde Hairstyles

Nothing Makes You Stand Out Like Blonde Hairstyles

Blonde is one of the best shades of hair. The light color helps to brighten an entire look and let features, such as eyes and lips, pop. It’s not the color alone that makes the style lovable. A great blonde hairstyle helps to complete any look. Whether you are a natural blonde or you dyed your hair one of these gorgeous hues, try and explore a variety of hairstyles. Not only will this help you to select a practical, everyday style but allow you to quickly transform your hairstyle into an up do that reflects your personality.


The best blonde hairstyles are flexible and will  work with you and your lifestyle. Here are three of the best hairstyles for blonde women. Each one has been chosen for it’s practicality, ability to transform, and daily maintenance. Use these best hairstyles as inspiration for your own look!


The Best Mess

Messy hair is a growing trend in both women’s and men’s hair. For blondes, this look can easily be worn with medium or long hair. Even short haircuts can incorporate a bit of mess in their style. The best hairstyle for the messy look is long. This isn’t due to personal preference, as all of the looks feature a unique personality.

Long hairstyles have the advantage for the messy look because they can easily add a permanent wave, or simply add curlers, then quickly brush and go. Large curlers can be cumbersome for shorter haircuts and styles. To make the look more sophisticated, simply add small clips or accessories.

Clémence Poésy People au Défilé Channel Printemps Eté 2010 199x300 3 of the Best Blonde Hairstyles

Blonde hairstyles


Messy Hair

Straight Hair with Highlights

Perfectly straight hair has a lot of potential. It can easily be curled to add style or flair, but a simple brushing can leave you looking fantastic. The key to these blonde hairstyles is all in the cut. Routine cuts are necessary to keep the straight style from growing unevenly, and split ends can be seen rather easily.

Using conditioning products can help avoid this. All in all, this is the most practical hairstyle for blonde women, no matter the length of their hair. The straight hair is also great for those who want a classic, business professional look, rather than something that is simply trendy. When going out for a less than professional event, simply wear the hair up to create a whole new style.

Straight hair with highlights 256x300 3 of the Best Blonde Hairstyles

blonde hairstyles

Straight hair with Highlights

Short Bob with Flair

Bobs are another practical look that takes very little effort to maintain on a daily basis. To style, simply blow dry the hair and use volumizing products to give it body. Then, finish with hairspray. The trick to this style’s flair is in the haircut. The stylist will be able to help you find the best way to give your short bob a bit of personality.

In the picture below, the hair is parted to the left and two longer pieces of hair were left untrimmed. These separate pieces were then curled, giving them a very distinct look.There are several ways to add personality to the short bob, making it one of the most adaptable styles.

Short Bob with Flair 207x300 3 of the Best Blonde Hairstyles

Blonde hairstyles

Short Bob with Flair

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