New Long Curly Hairstyles, New You!

Curls are one of the oldest ways women have added flair to their hairstyle. Whether they are natural or artificial, curls transform any look into a glamorous fashion statement. For some, taming these curls is quite the challenge. It takes a lot of product to keep up with long curly hairstyles. This shouldn’t be a discouragement from wearing the style everyday. Many find plenty of success by wearing rollers while they sleep and massaging one or two products into the hair when they take them off. Those with natural curls sometimes only need a good brush and hairspray to get their ideal look. With a wide range of styles able to fit into nearly any hair type, it is easy to find a long curly hairstyle that suits your sense of fashion. Here are some of the top hairstyles with long curls that you can use for a bit of inspiration.

Long Curly Hairstyles – Your Glamorous Fashion Statement Awaits

Big Wide Curls
If you have a lot of hair, its all the more reason to make it look glamorous. Big, wide curls are a fashion statement. Unlike bushy or frizzy hair, each curl is smooth and tame, making it both perfected and wild. This gorgeous style is worn best with two contrasting colors, such as black and caramel. This makes the hair pop and adds definition, rather than looking like a big ball of frizz.

long curls 256x300 New Long Curly Hairstyles, New You!

long curly hairstyles

Big Curls

Loose Curls

Loose curls are a low maintenance option that is more subtle than the big curls. This can create an elegant everyday look without having to take too many extra steps in a morning routine. In many cases, loose curls can be created with just a curling iron and a strong holding hairspray. To create the look below, make a distinct part towards the front of the head, forcing some hair towards the center of the forehead.

loose curls 213x300 New Long Curly Hairstyles, New You!

long curly hairstyles

Loose Curls

Messy Curls

Sometimes, having a messy hairstyle isn’t a bad thing. Mess is not only a fashion statement, it is much easier to maintain. Great messy styles are quick to come by, but they take a lot to wear well. Combining several loose curls with a messy style can work well when the hair is free of frizz and damage. Bangs help to complete the look and frame the face. This style is worn best by those with naturally curly hair, but a perm can also create these dangling locks.

Long Messy Curls 208x300 New Long Curly Hairstyles, New You!

long curly hairstyles

Long Messy Curls

Curly Updo

Any look can instantly transform when worn up and with the right accessories. One of the benefits of long curly hairstyles is that they appear stylish and elegant when put into clips or simply tied back. Many women have incorporated curls into their wedding styles, but the reality is that they can be worn everyday. This gorgeous style below is one that can easily take in more elegance for a special occasion or be worn as a stunning everyday look. Adding accessories is what helps to bridge this gap. To get the look below, pull the hair in a long banana clip after styling the luscious curls.

Long Curls Worn Up 250x300 New Long Curly Hairstyles, New You!

long curly hairstyles

Long Curls

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