3 Ways to Style Medium Hairstyles

The Best Ways To Style Your Medium Hairstyles

Cool temperatures are rolling in. Scarves and sweaters are making their way onto the racks. Turkeys are appearing in grocery stores. Christmas Carols are playing in department stores. Winter months are coming. Cooler months bring many to grow hair their out. A simple trim here and there to keep the split ends away but, hair is overall longer during the winter months. Medium hairstyles work very well with all hair types and are easily cared for and styled. Whether growing your hair out or just got a medium hairstyle cut, you’re in the right place. Take a look below to find perfect medium hairstyles for you.


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 Curly Q’s Medium Hairstyle

Adding curls to any medium hairstyle can dramatically change how one feels. There are many types of curls that can be worn with a medium hairstyle. Whether you choose to wear relaxed beach wave curls, tight spiral curls, or messy mangled curls, you will portray very different images with each type of curl. Once you have determined which curls you enjoy, you will want to find the right curling technique for you.

If you enjoy the relaxed beach wave curls, wet your hair and put it in a braid from the base of your skull or two french braids. This will provide you with a waver curl than the spirals. If you prefer to have quicker results, a larger curling iron can provide the same type of curls if you wrap it softly and don’t pull it too tight. Once you have achieved the waves you desire, you will want to put product on your hair to ensure that they hold.

You many enjoy a tighter curl, such as a spiral curl. You can achieve a spiral curl with a smaller curling iron. However, you can also use tighter, smaller braids–requires more braids on your head, which can cause some to loss sleep if they are braided tight. Braiding can also result in different size of spiral curls. Although many enjoy this, as it provide more depth to a medium hairstyle.

Many times mangled curls come with time. However, if you enjoy messy curls, a loose braid and a quick ruffling with your fingers will allow the curls to settle and hairs to loosen causing a more relaxed curl to come out. This resulting in a more casual look for your medium hairstyle.

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Braided Medium Hairstyle

French braids are often the first type of braid we think of when we hear braids. Whether you think of one on each side of your hair or one down the middle. Yet, there are many kinds of different braids–french braids, night-time braids, bun braids. A side french braid not only offers a simple way to wear your medium hairstyle but, it can also be elegant, casual, or romantic. Follow the steps below to style your hair in a Side French Braid.

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Medium Hairstyles


  • Pick a side to start on.
  • Collect a section of hair in your hair and divide into 3 parts (shown in the picture above).
  • Begin the braid. Right over and into the center, than left over and into the center, etc.
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Medium Hairstyles


  • As you reach loose hair, begin to add it into the braid (as shown in the picture).
  • Continue braiding until you have added all your hair in.
  • Braid until you have 1-2 inches left and secure.
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Medium Hairstyles

Finished Product


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Medium Hairstyles

French Twisted Medium Hairstyle

You may be one who enjoys wearing your hair up, rather than loose or in a braid; if this is the case, the French Twist is the perfect hairstyle for you. The French Twist is an elegant medium hairstyle that looks like it takes hours; yet, as you can see (picture above) it is 4 simple steps.

  1. Pull hair to one side and secure.
  2. Gather hair as if to make a ponytail.
  3. Pull hair up and around.
  4. Being to tuck hair underneath and inside.
  5. Secure.


Medium hair offers such a variety of hairstyles for one to choose from. Whether you saw one you liked above or not, look around, there’s many more here.

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