3 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

A wedding is one of the most memorable days of any woman’s life. To make the day perfect, every detail needs to be considered. This special day demands only the best hairstyle that flows perfectly with the woman’s attire. A one-of-a-kind hairstyle brings out the natural beauty of the woman on her wedding day. Not only does the style need to flow perfectly with the attire, the hair needs to be fashionable. Each year, the top styles change, but some styles for long hair never become old-fashioned. Before you walk down the aisle, try looking at some classic or traditional styles that always look nothing short of gorgeous. Don’t drive yourself crazy looking for the newest trend. Select a stunning style that will still look hip and beautiful when you look through your wedding albums years from now. Your hairstyle will complete your stunning wedding look. Use these timeless wedding hairstyles for long hair as your guide to the perfect look.

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Stunning Traditions

Wearing a traditional hairstyle doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, many traditional hairstyles can be worn in a somewhat-modern fashion or incorporate a few new accessories. A stunning updo done in a traditional fashion can bring out your sense of creativity while showing off a passion for your personal roots. This traditional Japanese wedding hairstyle below does just that. Added in to the traditional hairstyle is several flower barrettes, which adds beauty and personality to the classic look.

Traditional Japanese wedding hairstyle 300x225 3 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Traditional Japanese Wedding Hairstyle

Long and Curly with a Light Veil

Speaking of traditions, many people seem to have forgotten the wedding veil in their contemporary or modern hairstyles. For those who want to fully embrace American tradition, one of the most popular looks is to include a light veil. The hair is then worn down, with plenty of long curls. Some women who embrace the long and curly look may also choose to wear the hair up to keep it out of the way as they walk down the aisle. The result will be a similar look of beauty and grace.

bridal long hairstyles with veil 2013 22 297x300 3 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bridal Long Hairstyles with Veil

Beautiful Braids

Braids are a very under-appreciated style that can look amazing when perfectly executed. For many, a long gorgeous braid is a symbol of innocence and grace. This helps to create an innocent image that works well with any bride’s attire. In addition to looking great, the braid is very practical for those who don’t want to change their hairstyle before traveling or a reception.

The long braid has plenty of potential. Some wedding hairstyles for long hair will use the single braid along with accessories, such as flowers, to make the look more personal. This can also serve as an opportunity to add something old, new, borrowed or blue in a subtle way.  All of the women below took a single braid and made it their own style. Use these pictures to help you find the best look to go with your complexion. Remember that small braids can gracefully be added together to make one large braid.

 3 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Braid Hairstyles Idea for Wedding

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