4 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles

Many of us get frustrated with our hair and don’t know what to do with our hair. However, it is often thought that curly hair is the hardest hair type to style. It’s waves often getting in the way of many hairstyles. The random waves in the hair causing kinks and awkward lines in odd places. While those who don’t have curly hair often seem to be working with a curling iron to achieve curly hair, those with curly hair are often using a straightener. However, there are many cute hairstyles that you can wear with curly hair. Give that straightener a rest and try out some of the most popular curly hairstyles. We have gathered various hairstyles that will allow you to show of your gorgeous curls while wearing a beautiful hairstyle, boosting your confidence in those stunning curls. Look below to find hairstyles that you would wear with confidence.

Try these Curly Hairstyles

cute back to school hairstyles everyday poofy curly half up updos for medium long hair tutorial 4 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles

curly hairstyles

Poofy Curly Hair

A gorgeous updo taken to the next level when worn with gorgeous, flowing curls and a bit of volume added with the poof in the back. This unique hairstyle can be worn during elegant and casual events–whether to a work meeting, on a date, or just a quick trip to the store.

Hair Romance Keep your curls under control easy twist pin updo 4 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles

curly hairstyles

Romantic Hairstyle

An easy updo for a romantic date is often hard to find. However, with these flowing curls and a few minutes, you have quick style that will bring all the attention to your face and wow the world. Unlike some romantic hairstyles, this hairstyle is elegant yet casual–leaving you with a hairstyle that can be worn all day and night.

halfupUpDo plaitHairStyle 4 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles

curly hairstyles

Waterfall Braid

You may be familiar with the waterfall braid that has become more and more popular over the last few months. However, the gentle waves of the curls in your hair will add to the waterfall affect and add more depth.

hqdefault 4 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles

curly hairstyles

Messy Updo

You may not enjoy wearing some of the most popular trends however, we all want gorgeous hairstyles. This curly hairstyle brings unique hairstyles to another level. The unique steps to style this curly hairstyle will give you a look that won’t be easily forgotten. This one of a kind messy updo bring hairstyles to a new level of a beautiful mess.


You may have found your new hairstyle or perhaps you are still looking–no matter what you have decided, these hairstyles will give you a place to start. As you can now see, you don’t need to use heat and burn the curl out of your hair in order to get a gorgeous hairstyle. You simply need to find a hairstyle that will show off your gorgeous curls and not hide them. Get out there and keep looking until you find the curly hairstyle for you. Whether you find one that someone else has designed or you find a way to combine different styles and create a curly hairstyle that is all your own, there is a hairstyle out there for every event. Find a hairstyle that will that will feature your natural curls.

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