4 Unique Hairstyles for 2014

Warning: These Unique Hairstyles Are Only for Super Cool Ladies

Finding unique hairstyles for 2014 to call your own does not have to be a difficult task. The process of selecting and maintaining a style helps you discover a new sense of fashion. As you learn which styles work best with your one-of-a-kind look, you will find more ways to make that hairstyle unique to you. Adding your own flair to hair is what defines your look and gives it more personality. For some, creating new hair designs is more than just a statement, it is an expression of who they are.


Many people struggle to find the best popular hairstyle that works with their facial features and helps them draw attention to all of the right assets. Some of the trendiest styles are only a starting point for these interesting fashions. If you are looking for a practical, yet unique new style, try browsing the most popular hairstyles available. Then, think of how you can put a twist on the style as seen in the list below.

Teased hair 212x300 4 Unique Hairstyles for 2014

Unique Hairstyles

Teased Hair Medium Length

Teased Out Look

The updated bob has inspired many interesting styles as this classic trend continues onward. This unique twist comes from a combination of color and intense body. The extreme look is created by teasing the hair while you blow dry, and then adding a lot of product. New style is formed when the body is defined with intriguing spikes forming from only the ends of the hair. This makes the look more practical, rather than having a whole head of huge spikes and keeps the look of the bob alive.

On the other hand, straightening your bob can also do wonders for any hairstyle. These unique hairstyles and the simple look keeps the bob straight and then adds a side swept bang to the look for maximum impact. This version is easy to wear to almost any occasion and is a deep expression of personality.

Bob 231x300 4 Unique Hairstyles for 2014

Unique Hairstyles

Straightened Bob

Glam Up Do

No one understands fashion quite like celebrity Paris Hilton. One of her recent hair designs may have been seen as a bit edgy, but helped to inspire several new up dos. A classic up do for long hair typically uses curls or waves as subtle accents that help create a vision of beauty. Hilton’s take on the look used larger curls to create a one-of-a-kind look. The only way to truly get this style at home is to use large rollers, a ton of hairspray, and rich golden accents.

Hilton Up Do 216x300 4 Unique Hairstyles for 2014

Unique Hairstyles

Paris Hilton’s Updo Haircut

Opposite Braids

Sometimes, uniqueness doesn’t come from extreme changes but subtle differences in style. In this case, rather than using a braid to pull the hair back and organize it, the braid is used to form an accessory. The tight braid still holds the hair into place, but the opposite approach is what makes the style have a huge impact on the appearance. To get this style is actually very simple, and all it takes is adding a bobby pin under the hair to keep it where it belongs! There you have it, 4 unique hairstyles for 2014 that will have you looking elegant everywhere you go!

hippie braid hairstyle 225x300 4 Unique Hairstyles for 2014

Unique Hairstyles

Hippie Braid Hairstyle


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