5 Changes to Fire Up Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles For All The Goldilocks Girls Out There

Leaves are changing colors, temperatures are dropping, harvest baskets are coming out, pumpkins are reappearing–all signs that seasons are changing. Fall and winter months bring in new fashions in clothing, accessories, hair colors, and most importantly, hairstyles. Long hairstyles are some of the hardest to achieve. The more hair you have, the longer it has to take–right? Wrong. There are many options for long hair that will take less time than you could ever imagine. Yet still giving you a gorgeous hairstyle that looks like it took much longer to do. Whether you have long hair, you are growing it out, or you are about to invest in some extensions, you are on the perfect page to find several different options to wear.


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Long Hairstyles

Braided Long Hairstyles


French braids are often the first thing thought of when we hear “braided”; however, if you have long hair, it can be a challenge to get the French braid just right if your hair has an attitude of its own. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy a good braid.

  1. Start at the base of your skull.
  2. Gather hair in one hand, as if to do a pony tail.
  3. Divide hair into 3 sections.
  4. Begin to bring the left strand into the center, then the right strand into the center, etc.
  5. Repeat until you get near the bottom.
  6. Stop when you 1-2 inches* at the bottom of the braid
  7. Secure

*depending on the layers of your hair, there may be more at the bottom.

bangs 5 Changes to Fire Up Long Hairstyles

Brave the Bangs Long Hairstyle


Are you looking for an easier change? Whether you are looking for a less noticeable change or a more dramatic one, bangs could be the answer for you. If you enjoy a less dramatic change, a simple side swiping bang may bring you joy. However, for you are one who likes more dramatic changes and can wear a bold haircut well, a full front bang across the top may be the way to go.

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Long Hairstyles

Fiery Fire Hairstyles


Do you enjoy long hairstyles with volume, flare, and are hard to find? This long hairstyle is one of many that may appeal to you. Not only does the hairstyle reach unknown heights but, the fierce coloring adds such eye-catching detail, the rich oranges to dark ashes will forever be burned into the minds of many. Pair it with a few curls at the ends and it brings like to this fire-like hairstyle.

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Long Hairstyles

Twisted Joy Long Hairstyle


You may enjoy straight and sleek with a side of twisted joy hairstyles–why not give this one a try? A simple looking long hairstyle with a twist of flare makes this a gorgeous hairstyle for any casual to professional occasion. Follow the steps below to get your own twisty ponytail long hairstyle.

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Long Hairstyles

Twisty Ponytail Long Hairstyle


Beyonce in Red Hair 5 Changes to Fire Up Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles

Red Velvet Curls


Curls may be your calling, if you have straight hair and need a quick change, a good day of curls will bring about a drastic change for some. If you have thick and long hair, you may be thinking that curling your hair will take hours & this can be true if you choose to use a curling iron and do it piece by piece. However there are many options for curling your hair–you may choose to use hot rolls, braids, bending rollers, soft rollers, or many others. Depending on your personal choice, you will be able to get curls simply by sleeping through the night. Experiment with some of the options and find the right one for you, even if it is spending hours in front of the mirror curling each individual strand–this may be how you choose to get a nice change in your hair.


Long hairstyles can vary from such casual hairstyles to professional or romantic hairstyles. Although many may seem like they may take hours to do, as you can see in the previous hairstyles, there are many ways to get a gorgeous long hairstyle without spending hours on it.

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