5 New Short Hairstyles for Women

Do you have short hair? Are you thinking about cutting your hair? Whether you have short hair or you are thinking of cutting your hair,  the  perfect short hairstyle for women is hard to find at times. Like most hair, you can do a few things with it but, when it comes to hairstyles, they can be hard to find. If you are looking for the right hairstyle for you and you can’t seem to find any ideas, look no further. There are a variety of short hairstyles for women but, many of them are not well-known. Many are aware that you can curl short hairstyles and a few can braid their short hair. However, do you know other styles for your short hair? We have compiled a list of various short hairstyles for women. The hairstyles can be used for every day life, a date, or a professional day at work. Browse through the list and find the right hairstyle for you.


IMG 7457b%25255B4%25255D 5 New Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Hairstyle for Women

Headband Curls for Short Hair

You may be a busy mother, a soon to be mother, or a hardworking woman–no matter how you spend your time, there always seem to not be enough time in the day. However, with this gorgeous hairstyle, it only takes a few minutes to style and continue on with your day. Whether you choose to curl your front and back before tucking it into the headband or you choose to keep it straight, this gorgeous hairdo gives any short hairstyle a little flare. Simple follow the steps here to achieve this gorgeous look!

wedding hairstyles short curly hair 4 5 New Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Hairstyle for Women

Curl ‘n’ Accesorize Short Hairstyle for Women

This beautiful short hairstyle is one of few that not only features a gorgeous curl but, also a gorgeous flower to create a unique hairstyle. Although curls are a well-known way to change a hairstyle, they are not always used and sometimes, when they are used, we can always use a bit of a twist to a good curl. Throwing in a beautiful clip or headband will bring the gorgeous hairstyle to life.

TBDshorties 5 New Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Hairstyle for Women

The Short Braided Updo

Short hair always seems to come with one stage where we are unsure what to do with it. It doesn’t quite fit in a pony tail and simply clipping it up doesn’t work any more either. This short braided updo gives a unique option for hair that is stuck in this stage. By combining two classic hairstyles, a bun and a braid, you create a brand new, gorgeous hairstyle that is sure to catch an eye or two.

fullbun1 5 New Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Hairstyle for Women

Easy Poofy Bun

One of the biggest upsides to short hair is the ability to give it an insane amount of volume with very little teasing. The easy poofy bun is one hairstyle that takes advantage of this. By teasing two different sections of your hair, you create volume in your bangs and a poofy bun for the back of your head.

IMG 4601 edited 1 5 New Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Hairstyle for Women

Short Hair Pig Tails with Bows

This hairstyle has been seen many places in bigger forms. Did you know that you can make a bow out of your short hair too? You may not enjoy accessorizing with little bows for a number of reasons–don’t fit right, not the right color, and many other reasons. However, when it comes to turning your own hair into bows, this is a unique way for anything to accessorize and create a gorgeous hairstyle that can work for a number of different events. Taking little pig tails to a different level, it gives it class and flare.


These hairstyles are all one of a kind looks. If you were stuck on how to style your hair before, these all offer a different element for each individual to experiment with. Perhaps you can find your own hairstyle by combining a few of these different hairstyles.

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Short Hairstyle for Women

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