6 Beautiful Black Hairstyles

Is your hair falling flat? Are you running out of ideas for your hair? Everyone has their days when they need a new hairstyle, whether it’s curls, bangs, or a haircut. Some of the most popular haircuts are those that began from black female stars. Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Rosario Dawson, Beyonce Knowles, and Paula Patton are just a few of the beautiful ladies with gorgeous black hairstyles. There are many gorgeous hairstyles that these amazing actresses have worn over the last few years. Continue reading to find the perfect hairstyle for you.

Look Glamarous in these Black Hairstyles


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Short & Black Hairstyle

Rhianna has been known for many hairstyles. Long to short, black to red however, she is most well-known for her shorter hairstyles. This short black hairstyle has a sassy attitude yet, is professional, cute, and shy. A swiping bang on the side adds creates the shy attitude with the fluffed hair shooting up in different directions completing the sassy attitude.

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Layered Bob Black Hairstyle

Jennifer Hudson has a gorgeous voice and with most hairstyle she has worn, they have almost matched her beauty. This layered bob black hairstyle is chipped into so much that it lifts the hair up adding volume on the top and all sides. The layers in this haircut float up and allow any face shape to glow and look slimmer.

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Beautiful Braids

Alicia Keys is known to many as a fabulous singer. However, she is also known for her stunning smile and giving heart. She has presence that draws you in. Although, many have worn cornrows or braids in their hair before. However, the unique take on the cornrows that includes small portions of braids and many different angles gives this hairstyle a unique twist on an old classic. Her long black hair flows down her back very elegantly whether she has it in braids, curls, or straight.

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Short and Sweet Black Hairstyle

Rosario Dawson is has a gorgeous bone structure. Allowing her to wear a one of a kind haircut where the hair to go from what could have been a normal haircut ,to a unique, appealing style. The curls that flow on the top to the twisting ends in the back create a beautiful outline of the face and draw the attention to the eyes.

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Flowing Curls

Beyonce is one of few that can pull of curly hair. Whether it’s a tight spiral or a loose beach wave, you need to have the right bone structure, attitude, and eye-catching presence to wear a beautiful flowing curl hairstyle, such as this.

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Top Up-Back Down Hairstyle

Paula Patton is a superb actress and a new mother. Have you seen any of her latest hairstyles? Her sleek, straight hair to her beautiful flowing locks have captured audiences all over. However, this unique top up-back down hairstyle shows her ability to wear any type of hairstyle. With the flowing locks almost straight, the top of the hair pulled back, and the part just perfectly places, this gorgeous hairstyle shows of her gorgeous complexion.

There are many other well-known actress and singers who have worn gorgeous black hairstyles. However, these ladies are far and few. Not many people can pull off the multitude of hairstyles that they have worn over the last few years. Whether you have found the hairstyle you love or you are still looking, perhaps this has given you a place to begin.

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