7 Cool Hairstyles for Men That Women Can’t Resist

Cool Hairstyles That Get Their Hearts Pounding!

Having a cool hairstyle helps define your masculinity by telling the world a little bit about what you do. Women love to go for certain types of guys and having the hairstyle that goes along with your lifestyle is an excellent way to start conversations. This list of cool hairstyles features everything from uber-masculine to sensitive. It even features cool hairstyle inspiration if you want to go for the rocker look or if you want to go for a vintage hairstyle. Talk to your stylist to see which of these cool hairstyles fits your face so you can make yourself irresistible to women.


Classic Buzz Cut

buzz cut paul walker 7 Cool Hairstyles for Men That Women Cant Resist

Paul Walker Cool Hairstyle

When it comes to mens short hairstyles, nothing is as foolproof as the classic buzz cut. Women like this look because it means that you’re a no-nonsense kind of guy who doesn’t need to mess around with his hair. The best part about the buzz cut is you can do it at home with your own clippers.

Classic Buzz Cut

High and Tight

What do women like more than a man in uniform? You probably can’t come up with a good answer. The high and tight cut is an armed forces staple and lets women know that you have a commitment to a higher calling.

Short and Even Hair

This type of mens short hairstyle conveys an athletic look that women love. The best part about it is that it is low-maintenance and will not get too messy when you are in the heat of working out or in the middle of competition.

Naturally Curly Hair

actor adrian grenier attends the absolut los angeles launch party at the kress on july 23 2008 in hollywood california 7 Cool Hairstyles for Men That Women Cant Resist

Cool Hairstyle

Very few guys can pull this look off, but if you have naturally curly hair that is somewhat manageable, you should grow it long. The kind of mens long hairstyle that “Entourage” actor Adrian Grenier pulled off on the show makes girls swoon. Use a matte product to help achieve the perfect “just woke up” look.

Naturally Curly Hair

The Front Wave

This type of mens medium hairstyle is great if you want to show you really care about how you look. It takes a little bit more maintenance than other styles, but is will show your dedication to your appearance in a cool and confident manner.

The Rockabilly Pompadour

man03 7 Cool Hairstyles for Men That Women Cant Resist

Cool Hairstyle

The Rockabilly pompadour cut is a great cool hairstyle if you have an arm full of tattoos, work in a mechanic shop or play in a band every weekend. This cool hairstyle is also great if you work in a creative field, wear plaid button-up shirts to work and never leave home without a fresh pair of Levi’s.

The Rockabilly Pompadour

Classic Sleek Side Part

Why do women love Don Draper from AMC’s “Mad Men?” Part of it is because he is a mysterious, brooding character who women want to get to know better. The other part is because of his chiseled good looks and commitment to looking good all of the time. Get yourself some pomade and a short haircut in order to rock the classic sleek side part like Don Draper.

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