7 Short Hairstyles for Men Who Care What They Look Like

Giving a damn about what you look like is not just for the ladies anymore. Guys who work in professional fields need to start presenting themselves not just as average schlubs, but as stylish businessmen who know exactly what look they are going for. Instead of just keeping your hair short hairstyle and conservative, make it stand out and show that you are proud to wear it. If you have been towing the status quo for years, here are some short hairstyles for men you can wear to make a serious impression on your professional peers.

Subtle Spikes

You may think of spikes as a punk rock hairstyle that doesn’t belong in the office place. If you keep it just the right length, spiking your hair at the office can make you come off as cool and confident. Try keeping the edges shorter than the top and twisting and pinching pieces together with a styling product.

Bend it Like Beckham

For the past 20 years, David Beckham has remained one of the most important names of men’s fashion. These days he is rocking a slicked-back short hairstyle that is more casual and playful than that worn by Gordon Gecko in “Wall Street.” Find a good product and slick your hair back for astonishing results.

The Pro Faux

mens short faux hawk 7 Short Hairstyles for Men Who Care What They Look Like

Short Hairstyle

The fauxhawk or the actual mohawk are two punk rock hairstyles that also do not belong in the professional office place. But thanks to several stylish celebrities and the rise of magazines like “GQ” and “Esquire,” it is more acceptable than ever to rock this short hairstyle. Make sure to keep your fauxhawk in line and not allow it to get too unruly.

The Pro Faux

Short Hair with Height

Formal Short Straight Hairstyles Spiky 500x642 7 Short Hairstyles for Men Who Care What They Look Like

Rugged Guy Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyle That Rocks

If you are a man with thicker hair and an oval-shaped face, this is the style for you. Keep the sides a little shorter than the top of your hair and apply a firm gel all over to get the top to stick in place.

Short Hair with Height

The Dry Don Draper

No one shows more style at the office than the calm, cool and collective Don Draper from “Mad Men.” Unfortunately, his short hairstyle is a little behind the times due to the heavy amounts of pomade used. For a similar look, try using a matter or clay product that gives you the same effect, only much drier.

The All-over Pompadour

The All over Pompadour 7 Short Hairstyles for Men Who Care What They Look Like

Cool Short hairstyle

Whether you want to look like Johnny Cash or Morrissey, nothing screams confident like wearing a pompadour to work. Try parting it to the side for an ultra-modern look and hold it together with a flexible paste product.

The All-over Pompadour


Do you need advice for a thinning hairstyle? Go bald. Instead of trying to hold on to a great head of hair that once was, give yourself a complete transformation and turn into a more confident and cleaner looking professional. With this strategy, you won’t have to worry about taking care of a thinning hairstyle ever again.

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