8 of the Best Men’s Short and Medium Hairstyles

Who Else Wants To Look Suave With These HOT Short and Medium Hairstyles?

Walk into any drugstore or cosmetics section at a big box retailer and you will see that the men’s hair care section now rivals the women’s section. Men’s fashion magazines have made proper grooming and high-fashion haircuts a huge market. Whether you have a short hairstyle or are looking to transform your shaggy hair into a fashionable men’s medium hairstyle, you have more options than ever. Take a look at these eight men’s hairstyles for inspiration on your next trip to the barber or stylist.


Matte Side-part

This classic haircut is easy to maintain and costs little money to keep it looking good. Have your stylist cut your sides short and keep your top at a medium length. Simply comb to your preferred side and finish with a matte or pomade.

Extra-volume Side-part

For a more stylish version of the matte side-part hairstyle, try pushing it up a little bit with a blow-dryer and then keep it in place with the aid of extra strength hairspray, gel, or even mousse.

sideslickmenshair 8 of the Best Mens Short and Medium Hairstyles

Short and Medium Hairstyles

Extra-volume Side-part

Men’s Short Hairstyle Fringe

Keeping a little bit of hair on your forehead can help keep your hair looking full if it is starting to thin. Have your stylist or barber cut your sides short but leave a little bit extra on the top so you can pull it down over your forehead and add a bit of product to it.

Men’s Medium Hairstyle Fringe Cut

Bangs not only look good as a hairstyle on women but they can also work as a men’s medium hairstyle. Have your stylist cut the sides of your hair short while leaving a layered texture on top that allows you to sweep your bangs to the side (either side works).

Mens hair with bangs 8 of the Best Mens Short and Medium Hairstyles

Short and Medium Hairstyles

Medium Hairstyle Fringe Cut

Loose Fop

The men’s fop is a hybrid of a short and men’s medium hairstyle that gives you a fringe look on your forehead while keeping the sides neat and trimmed. All you need to do to achieve the look in the morning is apply a matte finish and push your hair up with your fingers. You also don’t need a ton of product for this style and can get by with lightly using gel or a mist of hairspray.

Classic Sleek Side-part

Another vintage hairstyle, the sleek side-part has been made famous by the AMC television series “Mad Men” and is easy to wear if you keep your hair short and don’t mind combing it every morning.

Slicked-back Side-part

This vintage hairstyle combines a slicked back greaser look with the classic sleek side-part. To achieve perfection with this cut, simply comb your hair back while damp and keep in place with a lot of hairspray.

High-volume Coif and Pompadour

James Dean, Johnny Cash, and Morrissey have all sported high-volume coifs and partial pompadours. This vintage hairstyle screams high-fashion but requires a lot of maintenance and product to get just right so only the most experienced should try this one.

mens hair styles red 8 of the Best Mens Short and Medium Hairstyles

Short and Medium Hairstyles

High-volume Coif and Pompadour

When styling your hair, always use a matte finish instead of traditional gels. If you leave gels in too long, it can have adverse effects on your hair and you might end up losing it earlier than expected. Now, who would want that to happen? Hopefully not you!

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