8 Fabulous Pinned Hairstyles for 2014

Pinned hairstyles in itself are best known to show off the sophisticated person inside you. To add to this, there are so many different styles of pinned hairstyles, and if your mood pleases you then you can sport different styles of pinned up hairdos every day of the week. Be a formal evening, some office party or any family occasions, pinned up hairstyles are bound to give you a complete makeover to your appearance and draw all the positive attention to you.

We have often noticed that fabulous pinned up hairstyles have been an all time choice of famous Hollywood celebrities when it comes to getting ready for any special occasions – be it in a movie or in real life. Therefore, we thought it would be best if we brought forward some of the most elegant pinned up hairdos only for you.

We have discussed 8 fabulous pinned hairstyles for 2014 for you to select a special celebrity hairstyle for every occasion of yours. Read on to find out more about which hairstyle you can sport for an upcoming special event.

Rose Byrne Pinned Up Bun 2014 8 Fabulous Pinned Hairstyles for 2014

Rose Byrne Pinned Up Bun 2014
Image Source: http://www.bellasugar.com/Rose-Byrne-Emmy-Awards-Hair-Tutorial-10685222

Rose Byrne Pinned Hairstyles

A simple pinned up bun with a few carefully left out fringes and lustrous red lips is just perfect for any formal occasion. It is simple to maintain and gives an elegant finish to your looks. Try this hairstyle for official events and prepare yourself to handle all the admiration that comes your way.

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Nicole Kidman Pinned Hairstyle1 8 Fabulous Pinned Hairstyles for 2014

Nicole Kidman Pinned Hairstyle
Image Source: http://www.fushionmag.com/beauty/2010-golden-globes-red-carpet-hairstyles/

Nicole Kidman’s Pinned Up Side Bun

This famous Hollywood celebrity has changed the way you segregate buns into the boring hairstyling category. With a simple switch of the placement of her bun, Nicole Kidman has indeed added more room for admiration. Even you can try out Nicole Kidman’s pinned up side bun hairstyle with a side parting in order to turn your special evening a little more extraordinary.

Carrie Unerwood Hairstyle 8 Fabulous Pinned Hairstyles for 2014

Carrie Unerwood Pinned Hairstyles
Image Source: http://www.thehairstyler.com/hairstyles/formal/medium/wavy/carrie-underwood

Carrie Underwood’s Wonderful Pinned Hairstyle

Want to try something apart from pinned up buns and yet stick to the pinned up hairstyling statement? Hollywood celebrity Carrie Underwood gives you the best solution. Replicate her hairstyle turn a normal affair into a special event.

Pinned Hairstyle for Women Over 50 8 Fabulous Pinned Hairstyles for 2014

Pinned Hairstyles for Women Over 50
Image Source: http://hairstylesweekly.com/bobby-pinned-updos/reba-mcentire-bobby-pinned-updo-for-women-over-50/

Pinned Up Hairstyle for your 50s

Do you think that you have climbed the stairs of age too far to sport a daring pinned-up hairstyle? Well you could always try pinned-up hairstyle for your 50s to add to the glory and elegance of your looks and get the magic going.

Kate Beckinsale Pinned Up Hairdo 8 Fabulous Pinned Hairstyles for 2014

Kate Beckinsale Pinned Up Hairdo
Image Source: http://hairstylesweekly.com/bobby-pinned-updos/2013-wedding-hairstyles-kate-beckinsale-updo/

Kate Beckinsale’s Sexy Pinned-up Hairdo

We bet you would love to sport a sexy look for a corporate party and draw all in-house attention to yourself. Keeping that in mind, we have selected Kate Beckinsale’s very sexy pinned up hairdo. This hairdo is just perfect for any evening party or formal events. If you want to add on to the “wow” factors of your hairstyle just leave a few strands of hair loose and make sure you are wearing the proper make-up. We guarantee you accolades of appreciation.

Keke Palmer Pin Up Hairstyle 8 Fabulous Pinned Hairstyles for 2014

Keke Palmer Pin Up Hairstyle
Image Source: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/hair/celebrity-hairstyles-updo#slide-7

Keke Palmer Messy Pin-up Hairdo

Are you thinking of pinning up your hair into a perfect hairdo for an informal day outing? We suggest you try Keke Palmers messy pin-up hairdo. This hairdo is sexy yet extremely casual to fit perfectly for any occasions held especially during the day.

Jennifer Lopez Pinned Up Hairstyle for 2014 8 Fabulous Pinned Hairstyles for 2014

Jennifer Lopez Pinned Up Hairstyle for 2014
Image Source: http://rollingout.com/culture/hair-men-love-retro-pin-up-girls/6/

Jennifer Lopez’s Fabulous Pinned Up Hairstyle for 2014

Famous Hollywood singer and actress Jennifer Lopez maintains a different look every time by sporting amazing hairstyles & hairdos unique for every occasion. Why don’t you try this unique pinned up hairstyle brought to you by J-Lo and get the stunning look and feel, necessary to boost your confidence for any event.

Angela Bassett Pin Up Hairstyle 8 Fabulous Pinned Hairstyles for 2014

Angela Bassett Pin-Up Hairstyle
Image Source: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/hair/celebrity-hairstyles-updo#slide-12

Angela Bassett’s Pin-up Hair Updo with Volume

Be it an award function or a very special event, you can always add up to the present ability of any occasion with this perfect pinned up hair updo with volume. It is the perfect solution for women with extra long hair.  As every strand of your hair is styles just like Angela Bassett, you will start feeling the positive essence of this hairstyle yourself.

Tell us your favorite pinned hairstyle in the comments below. You can even share your own ideas and story through comments.

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