8 Long Bob Hairstyles for a Dramatic New Look

These Long Bob Hairstyles Will Add That Drama To Your Life That You Have Been Secretly Craving

Are you looking to switch things up with your look but not get rid of your long hairstyle? Why not try a long bob hairstyle that combines all of the best elements of the bob but leaves you with all of your locks. The long bob hairstyle is quickly becoming a favorite top-tier hairstylists and their celebrity clientele for its sharp, sleek look that goes great with just about any outfit. When you give yourself a long bob hairstyle, you don’t have to worry about switching up your hair for work, working out or going out because it always looks appropriate. Check out these eight long bob hairstyles for some inspiration if you decide to go with this cute hairstyle.


Beach Bombshell Bob

Combine the beachy waves with bombshell looks with this long bob hairstyle. As seen on Ashley Benson, the style is effortless and goes well with dark eyeshadow and a bold colored lipstick.

cos 05 ashley benson mdn 8 Long Bob Hairstyles for a Dramatic New Look

Long Bob Hairstyles

Beach Bombshell Bob

Long Bob Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

The long bob hairstyle is cute, but it sometimes looks a little rigid. Try making yours a little more flexible by adding wispy side swept bangs to it.

Bleach Blonde Straight Long Bob Hairstyle

One of the simplest long bob hairstyles is the straightforward bleach blonde look with straight hair. You can leave it all the same length, layer it, leave one side longer than the other, or get a razor cut that leaves the tips of your hair looking choppy.

521x529 8 Long Bob Hairstyles for a Dramatic New Look

Long Bob Hairstyles

Bleach Blonde Straight Long Bob Hairstyle

Layered Long Bob with Curls

If you are up for a layered hairstyle, a long bob is perfect for you. When your stylist cuts the layers, have him leave extra at the ends by your shoulder blades so you can get a nice curl that frames your face.

Silver and Purple Long Bob Hairstyle

For something a little more adventurous, try a different colored long bob hairstyle that is sure to stick out. Try a silver dye with purple tips, or something a little more conservative like an ombre hairstyle with blonde hair and tips that are just a little bit darker.

Wavy Bob with Full Fringe

Having a long bob hairstyle means you get the absolute best of both worlds: short hairstyles and long hairstyles. The full fringe on the front of this cute hairstyle drapes just above the eye while the long waves frame the face instead of flowing all over the place.

Pinned-back Long Bob Hairstyle

For an easy way to wear your long bob hairstyle, leave one side of it out front and pin the other back with a bobby pin. This will give you a retro look inspired by the 1920’s.

Blonde Glamour Bob Hairstyle

Go super glamorous with a vintage hairstyle inspired by the classic actresses of Hollywood’s golden era. When you get a long bob hairstyle, all you have to do is put in some jumbo rollers and smooth them out with a long round brush after they are finished curling.

january jones hairstyle 8 Long Bob Hairstyles for a Dramatic New Look

Golden Globe Awards- Long bob hairstyle

Blonde Glamour Bob Hairstyle

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