8 Messy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Messy Hairstyles That Will Bring Out The Rebel In You

Maintaining a messy hairstyle sounds like an easy task, but in reality it takes a tons of preparation and effort to pull off. You can’t just get out of bed and look like one of these cute hairstyles, they all must be earned with the right mixture of product and technique. Fortunately, you don’t have to go into your messy hairstyle without inspiration. The following eight cute hairstyles are all possible if you already have a long hairstyle and feel like switching up your look.


Messy Topknot Hairstyle

As you can see in this topknot hairstyle, pulling your hair back to a bun with a loose knot takes a lot of effort if you want to avoid it looking sloppy. When you attempt this, make sure to keep several fly-aways in order to maintain the messy look.

Katharine McPhee Messy2 8 Messy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Cool Messy Hairstyles

Messy Topknot Hairstyle

Super-high Messy Bun

If you have long, wavy, unruly hair, control it all with a super-high messy bun. Simply gather all of your hair up and haphazardly put it into an extremely loose bun behind your head. For extra style, add side swept bangs or extra strands that go down past your shoulders.

Wispy and Light Bird’s Nest Bun

For this messy hairstyle, start with a very loose ponytail on top of your head and begin to wrap it around the beginning of your hairline before tucking it back into itself.

Straight Hair with Messy Texture

For a messy hairstyle ,that still looks like you know what you’re doing with yourself, try adding a frizz-free serum so it stays straight and doesn’t begin to fray throughout the day.

Messy Side Braid

For this unique side braid hairstyle, combine two french braids on the side of your head and end them on your shoulder with a fishtail.

Lucy Lui Messy 8 Messy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Messy Hairstyle

Messy Side Braid

Wavy French Twist Hairstyles

This messy take on the prim and proper French twist hairstyle takes advantage of messy hair and allows you to still look formal with a loose knot behind your head. The hairstyle looks best when the front is slightly slicked back and parted to one side.

stylish updo hairstyles 2011 5 8 Messy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Messy Hairstyle

Wavy French Twist Hairstyles

Wavy Faux Bob Hairstyle

If you have tons of curls, tuck in part of your hair into a half updo hairstyle so it looks as though you are wearing a bob hairstyle. Make it asymmetrical for more of a messy effect.

Long Messy Waves

If you have long, natural wavy hair, try pumping up the volume with a specially formulated shampoo or a thickening spray to let your messy hairstyle flow to perfection.

If you think that something will look better on your own hair with one of these messy hairstyles, feel free to experiment and deviate. Most of these messy hairstyles are geared towards hipster/bohemian use, so if you work at a law office or a hospital, they may not be appropriate. If you are a student, graphic designer or a barista, go ahead and wear these messy hairstyles with pride throughout the day.

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