9 Cool Vintage Hairstyles You Can Try at Home

Now You Can Transform Your Look With These Vintage Hairstyles Today!

Have you been paying attention to television and movies lately? Vintage hairstyles are making a huge comeback thanks to shows and films that take place in different parts of the 20th Century. “Boardwalk Empire” on HBO has made bobs and prohibition-era hair cool once again. “Mad Men” on AMC is a stunning example of how awesome hairstyles were back in the 1960’s. Even new shows like ABC’s “The Goldbergs” are perfect examples of how fun 1980’s hair could be. Here is a list of retro and vintage hairstyles that anyone can try!

Side Ponytail with a Beehive or Crown

The side ponytail has always been one of the most impressive things to come out of salons over the years. Couple that with a 1960’s inspired beehive or crown as made popular by the singer Lana Del Rey and you have yourself an awesome vintage hairstyle.

side pony tail 9 Cool Vintage Hairstyles You Can Try at Home

Vintage Hairstyles

Side Ponytail

Victory Rolls with a Fringe

 Victory rolls were an easy way for women in the 1940’s to keep their long hairstyles in place. Try to add a couple of these to your own hair and accompany them with a set of bangs for a completely contemporary look that will stun everyone.

Victory Rolls 9 Cool Vintage Hairstyles You Can Try at Home

Vintage Hairstyles

Victory Rolls

Equestrian Updo

If you are looking for a prim and proper look for a formal occasion, put your hair up into a high and tight bun as worn by equestrian enthusiasts like Betty Draper on the “Mad Men” TV series.

High, Double-bound Ponytail

A double-bound ponytail gives you a great 1960’s look and requires minimal effort to style which means you can do it at home.

Prohibition-inspired Bob Hairstyle

The bob hairstyle gained popularity in the 1910’s when women began to work in factories more often but didn’t become glamorous until the prohibition-era parties. Today, you can find plenty of examples of celebrities who rock bob hairstyles with short, medium, and long lengths.

Sideways French Twist

The French twist is a cool, classic, and vintage hairstyle that you can make more modern by adding a bit of mess to it and placing it a little off center instead of straight up as most people do. In other words, feel free to play around with this one.

Modern “Downtown Abbey” Updo

There is nothing modern about the English caste system portrayed on “Downtown Abbey,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from the wonderful hairstyle that is showcased on the series. Try rolling the back of your hair up into loose curls to achieve an easy look that’ll have you look like a character in the show.

Add a Bandana for a Cool Hair Wrap

Bandanas are a part of the 1940’s wartime fashion as well as an integral part of the 1980’s fashion scene. Adding a bandana to an updo can help you match your hair with whatever outfit you are wearing. If it doesn’t work, simply change clothes!

Hair Wrap 9 Cool Vintage Hairstyles You Can Try at Home

Vintage Hairstyles

Hair Wrap

Pin-up Hairstyles

Break out the curlers, blow-dryer, and set your sights on some fabulous pin-up hairstyles. You may be able to find a salon in your area that specializes in this look and even a boudoir photographer who specializes in taking shots with models who wear vintage pin-up hairstyles.

For more vintage hairstyle inspiration, all you have to do is watch your favorite television shows and hit up your local movie theater on a regular basis. From there, simply take what you see to the salon with you and make it happen!

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