Alicia Keys Hairstyles: Pick of the Best

If there is one girl that can pull off a different edgy look every time she appears on stage, it is Alicia Keys. Her hairstyles have gone from short to long and from straight to curly, many times. Alicia Keys Hairstyles in 2015 will be just as interesting to talk about as the previous looks.

Alicia Keys Hairstyles: The Fashion Goddess

Her appearance never fails the public. It becomes the talk of all fashion style magazines. This is due to her ability to create an amazing look for every occasion she attends. Not to mention, her powerful voice.

alicia keys hairstyles braid long hair Alicia Keys Hairstyles: Pick of the Best

Long braided hair – an edgy look – Alicia Keys Hairstyles

The above hairstyle can get you back on the edgy track. Of course, with a gorgeous outfit and outstanding makeup.

Long braided hair – this afro style never runs out of fashion. Alicia Keys knows how to pull off this girly rapper look with that neat braid from top to bottom.

Here are some of the picks for Alicia Keys Hairstyles

alicia keys hairstyles curly ponytail Alicia Keys Hairstyles: Pick of the Best

Curly ponytails make Alicia Keys Hairstyles unique

Curly ponytail – her updo look does not leave the curls behind. With the crazy curls she is able to create that magnificent sexy look.

alicia keys hairstyles high bun Alicia Keys Hairstyles: Pick of the Best

High bun is the flawless Alicia Keys Hairstyles option

High bun for evening party. Alicia Keys has a way of surprising us, the viewers. Looking gorgeous, with the strapless gown and high bun.

Casually wavy – this subtly charming lady can actually have that casual wavy, long hairstyle for her day to day look, (see below).

Alicia keys hairstyles long wavy Alicia Keys Hairstyles: Pick of the Best

A casual occasion of wavy hair from Alicia Keys Hairstyles

For the MTV and VMAs 2014, Alicia Keys dressed up in a futuristic style with that edgy hairstyle of hers. That short hair looked really fun. Its also very say to create (see below).

alicia keys hairstyles side swept bob Alicia Keys Hairstyles: Pick of the Best

Alicia Keys Hairstyles for MTV VMA 2014

Another updo hair – for an evening party, Alicia loves to create an updo style with her hair. She has never been wrong about that. This look is one of her best.

alicia keys hairstyles updo Alicia Keys Hairstyles: Pick of the Best

Alicia Keys Hairstyles updo hair

Short and edgy – now leaving her natural curls, this is one of the edgiest of Alicia Keys Hairstyles. It’s an extreme cut and not just pixie, but a really boyish attitude for the hair.

Alicia keys hairstyles short and curly 234x300 Alicia Keys Hairstyles: Pick of the Best

Short and natural: Alicia Keys Hairstyles

Alicia Keys is a soul singer with loads of talent and achievements. As a confident lady, she knows precisely how she wants to look for any kind of occasion. Whether she is on or off the television screen. Check out more of her inspirational haircuts below. Why not dare yourself to look like one of her edgy styles on the red carpets.

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