The Best Boys Haircuts for 2014

Don’t you love it so much when our boys are clean cut!? If you are looking to give your boy a glamorous hair makeover for 2014, but lacking some fresh ideas on what to do with your man’s hair – check out our favorite boys haircuts 2014.

The days are long gone when there were just a couple of hairstyles available for boys. Today, we can spot a long list of Hollywood’s cute boys, from Justin Bieber to Taylor Lautner and many others, wearing dazzling and stylish haircuts, and setting up the hair trend for others. It doesn’t matter if you have long, thick, curly, or short hair, you can always find a number of in-style and fierce boys haircut 2014 suiting your appearance.

Whether you just stepped into teenage years or seeking a youthful hairdo as you approach your 30’s, we have an exclusive collection of the best boys haircuts for 2014. These stylish and attractive haircuts can match all the sweet boys out there. Just you scroll down, boys, just scroll down.

Cute and Short Boys Haircuts

This is pretty famous hairstyle amongst the youngsters, especially teenagers. One of the main reasons why this style is so hot right now is the fact that it hardly needs any maintenance, yet it still looks amazingly cute and gorgeous. The biggest trend right now is the lazy and almost “not-even-done” approach. To make these cool boys haircut 2014 work for you, ask your hairstylist to crop down your hair to an extremely fine length throughout the scalp. Simple and minimal is better!

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Handsome Quiff Boys Haircuts 2014

Ready to be brave and dashing!? If you have been to fashion shows in recently, you may not need an explanation on how popular quiffs are these days. This fresh boy hairdo looks stylish, sleek, and gives you an instant high impact look. It has become a fabulous option in the last few weeks for boys searching for something out-of-the-box for their hair.

To make a move on this, ask your stylist to crop your hair shorter along the sides and keep it lengthy with more volume on the top. Once you’ve got this amazing cut, you will not need to do much to win the hearts of all the young girls in town.

Spiky Boys Haircuts

Spiky haircuts seems to be a fan favorite in 2014. If you want to look trendy, funky, stylish and youthful in 2014, take a stab at trying the spiky boys haircuts 2014. This glittering guys hairdo is a better option for boys with medium and short length hair, and can be adopted for a variety of outfits.

Sexy Messy Boys Haircuts 2014

This straight-out-of-bed hairstyle is certainly a fantastic haircut for boys who are planning to rock it in 2014. Messy may sound like nothing special but anything wild or asymmetric can be that daring move you have been looking for. When applied correctly, this haircut can ignite a dynamic glow in your personality and is also another fine option for dating and other special occasions.

Cool Emo Boys Haircuts

This innovative haircut sums up an unspoken aspect to your hair and helps you stand apart from the crowd. To find more inspiration, take a look at Justin Bieber’s new hairstyle. The star performer’s new emo haircut will be sure steal any girls heart instantly. For an even better look, ask your hairstylist to suggest some cool highlights for your locks too.

A beautiful haircut can re-invent your appearance like no one else’s business and the story goes unchanged for boys. To help you choose an ideal hairstyle for your own hair your loved , we are continuously on the search for fresh and interesting takes on boys haircuts for 2014.

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Stay stylish and stay cool.

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