3 of the Best Pin-Up Hairstyles

Pin-up girls are one of the most memorable part of media from the 1940s. Even though these cute girls appeared earlier, their 40s American flair is by far the most memorable. Several pin-up hairstyles created in the decade are still being recreated today. This isn’t due to a lack of new style and trend, it’s because the hair grabs the eye and helps anyone look amazing. Most of these great looks focus around curls, and very few pin-up hairstyles used strait hair. This means that any look you create is going to require a lot of product and time to style, regardless of what your natural hairstyle is.


Take a look at some of these top pin-up hairstyles that are still being worn today.Then, recreate one for your next costume or new years party. To make the look complete, always spray a hiqh-quality gloss.

Pin-up Hairstyles to Die For

Bright Red Flowers and Curls

Combining broad curls with a bright red flower is one of the cutest trends in pin-ups. The red flower serves as a hair clip in many cases, keeping the hair off the face and the style in place. Getting the look perfected will take some effort, as these large curls need a strong hold to stay in place. The look requires a large amount of product or the style falls apart. Many of the girls who sport the look do not have naturally curly hair and need to use a curling iron. Those who have curly hair but want the look will need to straiten their hair with a flat iron before making the big, beautiful curls.

hair flower 3 of the Best Pin Up Hairstyles

pin-up hairstyles

Hair Flower

Bandana with a Curl

One of the most popular pin-ups was the hard-working, strong girl. She didn’t have to actually be working hard on a motorcar or cooking dinner, but the rugged look was quite fashionable. Adding a bandana to the pin-up hairstyles gave the impression that the woman was hard at work and still looking amazing. This look is a bit more practical, reguardless of what time period you are in. Simply confine the hair in a bandana and let the small amount that pokes through curl. The actual look requires the whole head to be curly, which is often achieved through the use of old fashioned hot rollers and plenty of product. Maintaining a single, large curl is generally easier for re-creationists.

bandana hairstyles 3 of the Best Pin Up Hairstyles

pin-up hairstyles

Bandana Hair

Fire-Red Beauty

Continuing the trend of luscious curls is the fire-red look. Several pin-up hairstyles incorporate a bright red look, whether the color is natural or not. The color itself draws attention to the look. Styling the long hair is somewhat difficult and takes a lot of experience working with curls to perfect. Those who wear the style best incorporate curls into their everyday look, so creating the flowing banana curls becomes the easiest part of the process. To create the look below, spacers may need to be worn on top of the head. Again, accessories are crucial to the look, so add a black flower to complete.

pinup1 3 of the Best Pin Up Hairstyles

pin-up hairstyles


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