Brazen Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Are You A Bold Lady? Prove It And Try These Short Celebrity Hairstyles!

Short hairstyles tend to suit some people. If you are planning to get a short hairstyle, have a look at these celebrities who have short hairstyles. Generally people who are brave cut off their long hair to make it very short.

Julianne Hough

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Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Having participated in “Dancing with the Stars” this famous actress looks amazing with short hair. She is a wonderful dancer, singer, songwriter as well as actress. Julianne Hough is indeed very bold having previously had long waves that she made into an asymmetrical bob. Her pixie cut definitely suited her. It was able to enhance her beauty further. You can have this carefree style styled into your short hair.

Miley Cyrus

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Short Celebrity Hairstyles

This famous singer as well as actress once had long hair. She cut her long locks to get a very short haircut. In 2013 she had a prominent bleached pixie cut that had shaved sides as well as long bangs. Many people became shocked by her sudden change. Her look experienced some transformation with this short cut, especially because she previously had longer hair. Nevertheless she looks well in this amazing pixie cut. She still has short hair and looks amazing with it.One factor that allowedMiley to change her sweet innocent look that she had in the TV series “Hanna Montana” was her short hair. This short hairstyle gives her a very edgy, different look. If you are bold like Miley you can try this hairstyle.

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Short Celebrity Hairstyles


Halle Berry

It was in 1989 that Berry took the bold step of cutting her hair very short. She was told by her manager that she will not get any work because of this. The manager was wrong. She is an Oscar winner also. Berry states that she was able to book her very first role within “Living Dolls” which is a TV series, because of her short hair that made her become prominent in front of the other actresses present who had long, wavy hair. Get this wonderful short haircut like Halle and give it the untidy, carefree look on top as she has done.


Ginnifer Goodwin

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Short Celebrity Hairstyles

This famous American television as well as film actress simply adores having short hair that she can put different styles into. You will see that this actress totally loves having a pixie cut. She looks beautiful with her bold, short hair. She feels that she can be herself with short hair. She gets a fresh, modern look with her short hair. Ginnifer is the perfect icon who can show all girls that short hair looks really amazing. You can have this decent, clean style styled into your short hair.


Emma Watson

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Short Celebrity Hairstyles

This famous actress who played Hermione Grange in the magical Harry Potter series looks bold with short hair. When she was no longer acting in the Harry Potter movies because they were completed, she cut her previously shoulder-length hair precisely into a short haircut. This gave her an edgy look that was able to transform her from the clever, sweet Hermione Granger precisely into an amazing red-carpet superstar. You can tell how her look was able to change considerably after she got short hair. Have this simple style in your short hair that is neat and elegant. You do not need to do much to achieve it also.