Six Easy DIY Hairstyles that Take No Time

With the temperature going down, it’s most natural to snooze the alarm and sleep in for an extra twenty minutes. You’re already late to work and your hair needs to look perfect. Solution: easy DIY hairstyles. There’s a lot you can do within a few minutes to perk up your hair with some dry shampoo and a couple of bobby pins.

Check out easiest DIY hairstyles we have rounded up for you.


Messy Loop

Messy Loop Bun 768x1024 Six Easy DIY Hairstyles that Take No Time

Nothing speaks sexy as the ‘Messy Loop’. Go for your regular ponytail, except the trick is to make it look messy. All you need to do is to run your fingers through the top part of your hair and then tie it up. Leave an inch wide strand at the bottom to wrap it up around the holder and there you have your messy loop. Don’t forget to use those bobby pins to hold up the sexy mess.


Braided Ponytail

Basic Braided Ponytail 1024x925 Six Easy DIY Hairstyles that Take No Time

An issue most of us face is a wavy hairline and the solution to that is going back to your childhood. Take small sections of the bothersome frizz and make small braids. Tie it altogether in a ponytail or leave them loose if you have natural waves. Try out with the classic fishtail braids to add some zing!

Hair Accessories 

Top Bun with a Bow Six Easy DIY Hairstyles that Take No Time

Who said accessories are just for your wrists and neck? Go funky by using a wide & colourful patterned scarf. Use it to wrap it around your top bun.

Natural Weave

Natural Wave Hairstyle Six Easy DIY Hairstyles that Take No Time

Weave up your hair into a quick braid right after you jump out of your sack and spray some serum to flatten out the frizz. Right before leaving your apartment, open up the weaves and you have yourself soft, natural waves. Make a messy side bun, tie it up into a ponytail or go au natural by leaving it loose.

Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves Six Easy DIY Hairstyles that Take No Time

Have straight, smooth hair? Divide your hair into two sections, then braid and twist them up. Use your flat iron over them and you have your beachy waves ready!

Simple Single Twist

Single Twist Hairstyle Six Easy DIY Hairstyles that Take No Time

Make the ‘Single Twist’ hairstyle by taking a section of your hair from the right, pull it to the left and pin it. Then take a section from the left and cross it over to the left. Tuck the hair from under the piece of hair from the left and you’re done!

Hope you enjoyed these quick DIY hairstyles, and will now be in a position to pick one for yourself.