Monday Tutorial: How to Craft the Perfect Chignon

Seeking an unmatched chic look for a night out with your best buddy, or for a big fat wedding next week in your neighborhood? Our advice: try on a soft chignon this time. A chignon is beautiful, sophisticated, easy- to- do and maintenance, and more importantly has the power to breath in a quick and mesmerizing feminine appeal to any girl. All and all, a cool and easy way to get spruced up for a wide variety of occasions is to go for a chignon. Bigger advantage is, pulling your locks off in a chignon will not just give an instant appeal, it will also help you avoid any possible sweat you may have this summer on your neck due.

Here, we enlisted top hairstylists of the fashion town to help us learn us how to get a sophisticated chignon in just no time.

How to Craft the Perfect Chignon: Step One

Before beginning anything, make sure you have collected a tail comb, four small bobby pins, and two jumbo bobby pins, so that you don’t have to rush anywhere in middle of the process.

Now, start the process by drying you hair completely.  Now its time to use the tail comb to partition your lock off the center, Don’t forget the region behind the ears, smooth it, and collect it at the nape of your neck.

Chignon is often considered as an unwashed hairstyle, and this is no lie. But, if you did get some time for shower, don’t forget to use a genuine dry texturizing spray to gain less slippery lock.

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Step Two:

Now, gently twist your lock from the nape of your neck to the edges, and coil it in a circular shape that further can be transformed in a bun without any difficulty.

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Step Three:

Keep twisting your smoothed lock into a bun, we suggest use your index finger, and this will better help you hold the look in its place. Wrap left side around to the right and fix it with a bobby pin. Now move to right side and do the same, and secure it with another bobby pin.

Step Four:

Secure each side of the bun looking shape hairdo with the help of a jumbo bobby pin. And, to secure the side parted region, gently pull and loosen the side ends of the bun and secure the shape with tiny bobby pins.

Step Five:

Pick up the your tail comb, and brush through to style, voluminous and shape the bun by slipping the ends through the hair and gently pulling outwards.

Final Step:

Finish off by spraying a medium-hold hair sheer lacquer spray.

Dianna Agron Chignon Hairstyle Monday Tutorial: How to Craft the Perfect Chignon

 Now your sophisticated chignon is absolutely ready, and so are you to step out in style.

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