Get A New Look With These Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Total Beauty Transformation With Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Medium length layered hairstyles are the perfect choice for thick hair. Thick hair is usually very hard to control, cut and style so that it doesn’t frill on first rain. However, layered hairstyle can help.

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Layered hairstyles are the right solution to give your hair structure, fullness and fresh, new look. Options are endless when it comes to layered hair styles. Another advantage with layered hair is the fact that it is easily styled, without need for often visits to hair stylist.

This season, especially popular layered hair style is bob. If you add just a few bright-colored, layered locks, your hair will look chic and modern. Another option to look different and to attract attention wherever you go: asymmetrical or sharp straight bangs, and effect will be magical!

Layered hair is such a perfect choice because it can be adapted for every face shape. In combination with bangs, layered hair will attract attention to your advantages if you choose the right style. It can soften square face, outline eye beauty of heart-shaped face and visually elongate round face. For example, if you have round face, the best choice will be short layered hair style, with few romantic curls. If you have heart-shaped face, you have more options. You can combine curls and asymmetrical bangs with layered hair. With square face, you can choose layered curls of medium long-chin length that will smoothen your face shape and make it look more feminine and romantic, or you can go with shorter layered hair with longer bangs.

Layered medium long hair style and hair volume

28 287x300 Get A New Look With These Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

The best hair styling product for layered hair is hair moose that will create bold, new impression and define shape. While drying and styling the hair, the best choice is to to use large round brush, applying inside to outside moves that will enable you to achieve even richer hair volume, which already comes with layered hair cut.

When styling layered hair, it is also important to pay attention to hair definition and accentuating hair ends to achieve fierce, defined look, and outline hair layers. Hair wax will help with definition and shine. Use it primarily for styling and defining hair ends, to maintain volume while also accentuating prettily cut layers.

Caring for layered hair styles

38 201x300 Get A New Look With These Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Medium Length Layered Hairstyles


In order to keep your layered hair looking healthy, beautiful and voluminous, it is important to regularly use hair care products. There are special shampoos, conditioners products for hair ends and silicone drops.

Medium long layered hair is easy to care for and maintain and this is probably why so many woman choose this style. It is a great choice for busy ladies because it will look great without too much styling and caring for-and looks chic and modern in every moment. Unlike classic medium length hair style, here you have more volume, so it will look equally pretty and attractive loose or picked up in a tail.