The Best Micro Braid Styles

Micro braid styles are indeed a chic choice, especially amidst Afro-Americans, and with the prom season slowly but-surely moving closer, there is just no easier and quicker way to pull off your lock in style for extremely long period of time.

The Best Micro Braid Styles 1024x309 The Best Micro Braid Styles

The Hottest Micro Braid Styles

Pick a cool micro braid style, and you need not to worry a bit about your hairstyle for months. One more thing, irrespective of your hair length, color or texture, this gorgeous way of pulling hair off is simply accessible to everyone. Plus, it provides a strong safeguard to your lock from severe pollution and many other harsh environmental impacts . So naturally, micro braided hairstyles are a big hit on fashionable runways these days. From curly, wavy, or straight micro braids, we catch our astonishing A-Lister stepping out carrying versatile micro braid styles.

Check out these 4 popular celebrities micro braids styles from the fashion world and tell us which look you like the best.

1. Joy Bryant’s Half Up- Half Down Micro Braid Style

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You can easily understand why we chose to place this on top, it looks so hot. The American actress and former fashion model, Joy Bryant is a hit with her half-up half-down micro braid hairstyle. The Parenthood’s actress keeps half of her silky long braids swept behind her head, whilst the rest of braided tresses are left loose to kiss her shoulders. P.S: an ideal pick for curly hair.

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2. Alicia Keys’ Sexy Swept Back

Alicia Keys The Best Micro Braid Styles

When the only desire is to pop up the face at the night, Alicia Keys’ sexy swept back micro braid style can be a handy pick for your long black hair. However, to get the complete oomph, you definitely require an ideal outfit and make up to wear along with, otherwise we’ve encountered a number of disasters failing hugely short to copy it.

3. Christina Aguilera’s Colorful Box

Christina Aguilera The Best Micro Braid Styles

The Best Micro Braid Styles

Colors are certainly a quick way to glam up your lock, but when you do it over a box micro braid style, just like Christina Aguilera, we can guarantee you gonna grab an ocean of compliments. Spiced up your micro braid style with touch of colors, and a small amount of glittering done, and you are all set for a hot first date.

Nicole Beharie’s Curly Magic

Nicole Beharie 214x300 The Best Micro Braid Styles

Micro Braid Styles

Curls are an eternal love of black women, but maintaining them you could easily go out of juice.  This is where the hot and sizzling Nicole comes into the picture. Copy her style, and this will definitely sum up a glowing magic to your overall appearance.

So, which one amidst these popular micro braid styles is your favorite? Please tell us by commenting below. We would love to hear if you have any beauty story or idea on your mind.