Short blonde hairstyles

Short blonde Hairstyles You Need To Try Out

Short hair looks healthy and is easy to care for and style-the perfect choice for busy ladies who primarily strive for practical solutions. Besides, short blonde hair can indeed look very feminine and attractive; short blonde hair is in trend and is a great choice for every hair type and face shape.

18 300x300 Short blonde hairstyles

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Short blonde hair

Many women are skeptical when someone suggest them to cut their hair-and they are indeed wrong. The first mistake is that many ladies believe men love only long hair and thing that only long hair is feminine and attractive. This is not true. Modern trends show that short hair and bob, long bob and pixie are very attractive and sexy! Short blonde hair can even better outline face shape then classic, long hair style.

29 300x291 Short blonde hairstyles

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Personality and short blonde hair

Hair style is primarily chosen according to person’s character and personality. It is thus no wonder that strong, fierce women choose strong, asymmetrical cuts, or alternative, punk styled hair cues. Such ladies are prone to try out fiery hair colors, while romantic, tender women choose tender blonde shades. Brunettes are in a middle of this characterization but when it comes to hair cuts, if your hair color isn’t blonde, it should be cut in some interesting, alternative way because it is a bit boring hair color.

Short blonde hair can look great when you want to style it for formal occasion or a party. There is a way to create a bun even for a short hair.

Short blonde pixie

Pixie style is one of the most popular short hair styles, and it is a great hair style for ladies of all generations. The only important thing with this hair style is to choose the one that is the best fit for your individual character and face shape. The great thing about pixie hair style is that there are numerous ways to style it and to always look different.

39 300x250 Short blonde hairstyles

Short Blonde Hairstyles

This year, short blonde hair is unique and different. It includes daring elements such as wild curls, large and prominent crest and wavy hair that looks like there is wind in it-all these ideas will bring liveliness to short blonde hair. Ladies can indeed look trendy with modern short blonde hair. There are many ways to enjoy in your short pixie blond hair.

48 300x300 Short blonde hairstyles

Short Blonde Hairstyles

You can style your short blonde hair with careless curls or choose minimalistic, almost military strict hair that will perfectly frame your face and outline your beauty. The best thing about short blonde hair is that it is very imaginative and has so much potential. Playful diversity is the key for modern short hair this season.


Layered short blonde hair is another style option. It can be styled into simple yet impressive hair style that present energy and attitude. These modern short hair style can also outline professional image. Expressive facial features will be even more outlined with short blonde hair or extravagant curls or even a crest. Bold women can look even bolder with nonchalant, tousled short blonde hair or layered hair style. Short cut hair outlines face with impressive simplicity. Laser cut bangs and matte blond hair will perfectly outline simplicity of such hair style.

58 235x300 Short blonde hairstyles

Short Blonde Hairstyles

However, it is safe to say that there are no strict rules when it comes to short blonde hair this season.