Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles

Stylish long lock unquestionably looks romantic, while chopped short hair gives an instant funky look, but you can enjoy both feature simultaneously this summer with cool medium haircuts. Spring hairdo’s are all about natural, tension free hair. For the moment, medium haircuts are an elegant option. They look classy, don’t require much maintenance, and even better things is: they won’t drive you crazy when you attempt them yourself.

Now, without taking anymore time we are taking you to our gallery of our top ten medium haircuts for spring 2014.

10 Best Medium Haircuts for Spring: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hairstyle

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Medium Haistyle Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles

Popular American talk show host and television personality, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, can be an ultimate motivation to those of you who are looking to style off their shoulder length locks this after winter season. To get this style: start by curling bottom edges of your hair with the help of an iron. Alternate the direction from going forward to back, away from your face. Avoid any sort of curling iron use to the tops of tresses; focusing on just the ends achieves a more natural wave.

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Kate Walsh Hairstyle

Kate Walsh Medium Hairstyle Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles

Grey’s Anatomy’s popular actress, Kate Walsh is one of the those cool celebs in H-Town who can help you roam happy around this spring.  Her blow dry medium length classic hairstyle looks simply romantic. To get this style, blow dry your lock completely, next thing to do is to create waves in twirl sections with the help of a curling. Spray some glittering gel (if required), and you are done.

Jane Krakowski Hairstyle

Jane Krakowski Medium Hairstyle Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles

Jane Krakowski Medium Haircuts

Young at heart singer and television celeb, Jane Krakowski, just could be another cool inspiration if an energetic shoulder length haircut is all what you are seeking this spring for your hair.  To get this style, begin by drying your hair, do parting, apply a volumizer. Next, leverage a curling iron and curl your lock, now set them away from your face. To give the final touch or an additional glam, scrunch the curls with the help of a sculpting paste, this will help you gain a better texture and control. Done.

Mollie King Midi Wavy Cut

Mollie King Medium Hairstyle Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles

To get a super sexy medium haircut, a le 30 Rock actress’ Mollie King, the only thing you need to keep in your mind is, this style is a free flowing,  maintenance free and ready to go do. Start by blowing your lock completely dry, apply a voluminzer, part them from the center, and let them move free. More about it: a perfect pick for oval-shaped face.

Dakota Fanning Hairstyle

Dakota Fanning Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles


“Now is good”‘s super cute girl, Dakota Fanning’s former medium hairdo will always be a big motivation for should length hair lovers.

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle

jennifer lawrence medium hairstyle Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles

It might be a part of history now, but the way Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence won millions of her heart with her medium length edgy bob hairstyle, associated with side-swept fringe and honey highlights at the GLAAD Media Awards last year, that was amazing. And, we loved it.

Millie Mackintosh Hairstyle

millie mackintosh medium hairstyle Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles

Millie Mackintosh’s mesmerizing midi cut,  extra-voluminous- coiffed-weave– medium-length-hairdo is another fantastic option for your ordinary lock for this spring. To make this look work for you, use a medium boar-bristle brush and hydrating hair cream while drying your wet lock, developing a larger wave toward the edges. Apply a volumizing cream and holding spray to hold the look for a longer period of time. Done.

Heidi Klum Hairstyle

Heidi Klum Medium Hairstyle Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles

To achieve the famous Heidi Klum’s sleek and sexy midi look, start by applying a frizz-smoothing hair cream on your wet lock. Then, using a flat brush, blow-dry your hair with no bend or curl on the ends. Once you believe you are hair are completely dry to go ahead, utilize a flat iron and go over sections get a sleek and straight appearance. Finally, use a straightening, anti-humidity spray to hold the hair and keep it frizz-free.

Sandra Bullock Hairstyle

sandra bullock medium length hair Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles

To secure a sleek and smooth appearance for your not too short and not too long hair, just like Sandra Bullock, begin with applying a hair smoother serum to your hair, comb throughout. Part your lock on the side, and then, flat-iron if some extra appeal is required.

Natalie Portman Hairstyle

natalie portman Medium Haircuts Spring Medium Haircuts: 10 Salon Inspired Styles

Natalie Portman Medium Haircuts

Natalie’s medium haircut don’t just look tremendously appealing, it is actually quite easy to style, and we think you can do it even without the help of a stylist. With your first step our of the bathroom, use a volumizing spray all over  roots of your wet hair. Next, pick a round brush (large boar-bristle will be better), and start blow-drying your hair at the front. This will help you swing your locks into a natural manner, when gets dry. Final thing is, twirl the edges of of your lock to associate a heart melting bounce.

Enjoyed these romantic and attractive medium haircuts for spring? So, why are waiting now? Pick the one you like the most and rush to an experienced stylist to get a creative hair makeover for yourself this spring season. We hope these creative medium haircuts for spring will help you feel amazing and sexy all throughout the season.

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