Stunning Light Brown Highlights Ideas for Women in 2014

Get the Best Light Brown Highlights Ideas for Your Hair

Light brown highlights for women in 2014 could be exactly what you need to achieve the glamour and look you’ve always desired. In the modern fashion world, you can easily trace varieties of exotic light brown highlights across the red carpet with the other trend-setting ladies in town.

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With all these beautiful examples of celebrity starlets flaunting hair highlights, it should be pretty clear that there’s no lack of dashing styles if you are going to try light brown highlights and light blonde highlights. This is ushering a brand new era of cute and cool hairstyles for 2014. The key lies in choosing the best hair coloring products that not only give a rejuvenating appearance to your hair but also take care and nourish them.

If the exotic and complete blonde hairstyle was the only sign of glamor a few years ago, then today it’s all about light brown highlights. Blonde highlights, with a myriad of its varieties, can transform your look in no time – a pleasant and bold hair makeover for 2014. When we consider the idea of having a blondish look to our ordinary locks – honestly, it seems to take a lot of heart. Undoubtedly, it’s not for everyone but as the year comes to an end, women should be giving it a daring try.In fact, showing off a bolder side of your personality isn’t something limited to an eccentric vogue-conscious crowd – with respect to Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie. So, if this is the signature trend in Hollywood, make a statement and embrace a sexy style for your hair in 2014.

Here, we have covered a few examples of light brown highlights you can go for!

Light Brown Highlights Emma Watson Stunning Light Brown Highlights Ideas for Women in 2014

Emma Watson showing off her Beautiful Highlights

Light brown highlights on medium length hair can be a natural attraction puller. It doesn’t matter whether you have dark black or brown hair, going for simple light brown highlights will perfectly emphasize your facial attributes, and you can easily apply yourself to the row of new style-icons in the city.

Molly Sims Light Brown Ponytail Stunning Light Brown Highlights Ideas for Women in 2014

Molly Sims Light Brown Ponytail

A blonde pony just might be something you have liked over TV in the bygone era, but believe us, it can still be a good idea for your long black or medium length hair.

The straight haired look with light brown highlights on top and dark hair kissing your shoulder (or waist) is unquestionably an ideal look for any hot- chic. Or, what about a-new-in-the-town light brown colored flip with short hairstyle?

Medium Length light brown highlights 250x300 Stunning Light Brown Highlights Ideas for Women in 2014

Medium Length Light Blonde Highlights

For medium length hair, opting in to try hair highlights can be another gorgeous idea as it adds an instant sex appeal making your hair look handsome and healthy.

Coloring the tips only will work any women with relatively darker hair – a sure, sexy and swift hair makeover.

Tied hair with straight light brown colored tips can give you a sweet, upscale look. On the other hand you can just keep them straight, and it won’t disappoint you.

There is no doubt that going beyond your natural texture is a risky deal, but availability of new age hair coloring products, which are completely proven and checked by experts, has made it very safe and delighting. Although, before going to get a new color tone for your hair, don’t forget to take advice from a professional hair care expert.

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