The Most Stylish Short Hairstyles for 2014

Fresh Short Hairstyles To Start The Year On FIRE With!

Start the upcoming year on a sexy notch by finding the most stylish short hairstyles for 2014 for you. The beginning of a new year is undoubtedly a very special moment, and you can take it as the time to adopt an attractive hair makeover. A new look for New Year. Sounds cool? It surely does, and the fact goes without any saying that hair-makeovers have long been a part of several people’s New Year resolutions since ages. In fact, there can’t be any better way to enter into the New Year with a brand new and fresh hairstyle.

Finding a cute hairstyle for 2014 may seem to be a big deal as there are just a few days left till the end of current year. To make the process simpler, majority of people, who are in deep love with fashion magazines and celebrity styles, may head towards popular hair trends in 2013, and believe that it will continue being attractive in coming era as well.

There were many beautiful hairstyles in 2013 that gained a special placeover the heads of a big number of style-makers and fashion icons. And, that shouldn’t surprise anyone that a big number of those fabulous short-hairdos seem to remain in the list of trendy hairstyles for 2014 too.

Interestingly, if we have to pick the one most dominating hairstyle in 2013, it will surely be short haircuts. Cropped haircuts have ruled the red carpet throughout the year. Scroll the pages of your favorite fashion magazine or catch any star-award show over the Silver Screen, you will see vogue-maker ladies  stepping out with a bewitching bob, panoramic pixie, or something in between.

However the dilemma is, just a couple of weeks left and there are so many popular sexy short hairstyles to check? If you will be going to check each and every, you may end up getting nothing for your locks but just drifting through one after one.

Luckily, we have rounded up expert hairs stylists and fashion magazines’ predictions about the most stylish short haircuts for 2014. So, just leave behind all your worries and just take a closer look at these trendy 2014 hairstyles that can help you add a remarkable zeal to your appearance.

Asymmetric Short Bob:

What’s not to love about this latest version of “Bob”? Nothing, we see nothing. Days of traditional bob are undoubtedly still around, and there are actresses who have had this haircut for more than a decade now. But this winter, it’s your turn to paint the fashion-town completely red by wearing a thrilling and dynamic asymmetric short bob.

Asymmetric Short Bob 225x300 The Most Stylish Short Hairstyles for 2014

Astonishing Asymmetric Short Bob


This appealing and unstructured haircut will steal all the attention right to your facial and bodily features. This top notch bob can suit most types of hair and age groups. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you have messy, straight or wavy, 16 or 50 years old, this trendy 2014 haircut can be a fine choice for every single woman out here. Furthermore, being a “just-stepped-out-of-the bedroom” look, it gives the maximum appeal and style, but needs the lowest maintenance.


The Popular Pixie Cut:

This is probably the most daring and hottest amidst all the popular short cuts currently available in the town. Popularized by the leading statement makers in Hollywood, the pixie is a timeless choice for every feminist looking to chop her locks. This catchy-cut definitely has something pretty enticing and otherwise, otherwise big names from the reel-life including but not limited to stylish Emma Watson, astonishing Anne Hathaway to gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence won’t opt for it ever.

Miley Cyruss Cool Pixie Cut 225x300 The Most Stylish Short Hairstyles for 2014

Miley Cyrus’s Cool Pixie Cut


If you are a girl with heart shaped, square or oval face, and have wavy or thick hair, this is for you baby. This is for you.

Michelle Williams hairstyle pixie cut 225x300 The Most Stylish Short Hairstyles for 2014

Michelle Williams hairstyle pixie cut


A conventional pixie will be short all around, but in 2014, try to bang-up things up with a more choppy-appearance. Short pixie haircut with choppy layers and asymmetric bangs can dramatically transform your personality from an ordinary-girl-next-door to the town’s-lady-diva. You can also go for a sleek pixie if to present yourself as the city’s new vogue-icon or simply opt for tousled messy hairstyle to get the new and quick formula of seduction. Or, why not a colored pixie cut? Then, there is tamed pixie, the spiky pixie, colorful pixie and the story can go on and on.

Cute Pixie Cut 199x300 The Most Stylish Short Hairstyles for 2014

Cute Pixie Short Hairstyles



However, do this or that, nothing will take more than 10 minutes on styling with your short pixie cut. Now, this says a lot – minimal effort yet a stunning look.

Sensational Shag Look:

This lucrative layered and messy bob haircut may confuse you with its name, but just have a look at the alluring look of Alexa Chung and there won’t be any doubt in your mind whatsoever. Wear an unmatched gorgeous look, and if you want to make more appealing, apply some genuine wave inducing hair-product to your shorter locks.

Stylish Short Shag Hairstyle 238x300 The Most Stylish Short Hairstyles for 2014

Beautiful Short Hairstyles



Close Cropped:

This can be better explained as the Rihana’s short hairstyle, one of the most dashing short hairstyles popular inside H-town today. This cool haircut seems to suit every hair type and color, and you can easily make some quick changes to it whenever you want to. This will open up your glittering face, and let your stunning natural beauty to smile through.

Rihannas Cropped Hairstyle 250x300 The Most Stylish Short Hairstyles for 2014

Rihana’s Cropped Hairstyle


For our men readers, you too can get a flawless hairstyle for 2014 for yourself at our others post related to Men short hairstyle trends in 2014. And, as always, kindly let us know through comments, if we’ve missed anything important.


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