Suave Hairstyles for short hair

Short hair is again very popular-although it never really did stop being popular. Most women, once they cut their hair short never grow it long again, because short hairstyle is practical but it can also be sexy and feminine. Short hair guarantees to attract attention. It reveals face completely and outlines eyes-so it is necessary to have nice facial features.

Despite being controversial, as many still see short female hair as controversial, it is very popular and modern celebrities choose it more and more often. Short hair in women has always been and is popular and it is actually surprising that it still causes wonder and even negative comments that go in direction that women rejects her femininity when cutting her hair short.

But why is short hair so popular? For one, it is very practical-it is quickly dry and if it is well cut it will always look good. It can be demanding, because it requires some styling, but that’s all! Short hair looks the best on ladies with smaller head, oval face and straight hair. It is practical, easy-going and always trendy.

Pixie hair

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Hairstyles for Short Hair

Pixie hair style, as one type of short hair style is ideal for ladies with straight and slightly curly hair because it is easily styled and maintained, and you can change hair style with no trouble at all. Pixie has numerous variations-it is often geometric, but it call also be layered, curly or wavy. It is easily modified, usually styled natural and loose. For evening look it can be styled completely sleek, parted or sleeked back.

Uneven short hair

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Hairstyles for Short Hair

Right now, very popular short hair style is where one side is shorter while other is visibly longer. This hair style is interesting because it easily adapts to face shape and every occasion. Ladies who choose this hair style often style it in a way to wear top layer tousled and voluminous. This hair style is easy to care for and all you need for styling is a bit of moose or gel-cream for definition or volume.

Sleek short hair

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Hairstyles for Short Hair


This hair style will look great in special occasions. It is easy to style it, just create side parting and use wax or gel to sleek hair. Add hair spray to make this hair style long-lasting.

This hair style is perfect for women with clean facial features because it additionally outlines facial features. This is also why women with round face should avoid this hair style.

Retro short hair

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Hairstyles for Short Hair


Retro short hair has always caught attention. If front locks are longer, you will easily create this style. You can style front curls with iron and moose. If front locks are not long enough, you can still create rockabilly crest. It is important to keep volume, so get volume powder that will lift hair from the root. This hair style is perfect for romantic outfits that will accentuate femininity; it will also add you few inches in height.
Tousled hair

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Hairstyles for Short Hair

Rock’n’Roll Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you want to add a bit of rock’n’roll in your life, try this tousled hair style that will look perfectly with leather jacket,, skinny jeans and high boots.

After you apply volume moose, style spikes and bangs with wax or gel. As much as you might like idea to reconstruct rocker hair styles from 1980s, keep the right measure and style locks that will look tousled but still frame your face without looking crazy and eccentric.