Stay Fabulous with the Greatest Updo Tutorial

Stay cool this summer with the gorgeous updo tutorial that would help you keep yourself fashionable all day long. The sweltering summer is the time to revamp your look, and to create a new hairstyle not just looks cool, but also is manageable and attractive. One reasonably excellent solution we see to this is, updo.

No matter you are out for shopping, night out or just a casual walk with your sweetheart, appealing updo hairstyles have the potential to instantly glam up your appearance, and to make you irresistible for your man like never before. Therefore, we have rounded up some of the finest celebrity inspired updo hairstyles that can breathe an immediate style and glamor in you this summer. Plus, ultimate and trendy updo tutorial that will help you secure a voguish look for your locks. Now its up to you to choose that plays up your features and makes you feel cool all day long.

Updo Tutorial: The Adorable Fishtail Updo Tutorial

This is a perfect way to stay cool even in hot summer days. A beautiful braid like Dianna Agron would make you feel like a celebrity, plus provide that sleek and polished look you always must have desired for.

Dianna Agron Fishtail Updo Tutorial Stay Fabulous with the Greatest Updo Tutorial

To create this look: first blow dry your hair and create a side part and later swoop the remaining hair to the other side. To create the fishtail pony, divide the hair into two parts and work upon by taking thin pieces and braiding it all over. Once you reach the end, secure it with an elastic band. Spray up the look to ensure that it stays all day long.

Fishtail Updo Tutorial Stay Fabulous with the Greatest Updo Tutorial

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Casual Ponytail Updo Tutorial

This look is just perfect for formal meetings and get together. Bigger thing is: it takes no time and effort. All it takes is just a couple of minutes to recreate without sweat. This look is ideal for layered and mid length hair.

Casual Ponytail Updo Tutorial Stay Fabulous with the Greatest Updo Tutorial

To recreate, tease up your hair at the very roots and apply a mouse to give texture to your hair. With the help of your hand, pull up your hair and secure it into a high ponytail. To give the ponytail nice volume, tease and spray the pony to offer the look a bit of bounce.

Sandra’s Twisty Updo Tutorial

Sandra Bullocks Updo Tutorial Stay Fabulous with the Greatest Updo Tutorial

This is Sandra Bullock inspired no fuss style. It looks just stylish on a casual walk or at work.

Twisty Updo Tutorial Stay Fabulous with the Greatest Updo Tutorial

To pull off this style, apply a little mousse upon your damp hair and later blow dry. Create a little bit of volume with the help of a curling barrel to get lift just at the roots. Separate the hair into two horizontal sections and secure or clip the top half just out of the way. Now, twist the bottom of the hair into a high knot and secure it with bobby pins. To finish up the look, spray to keep it in place.

No matter you have silky straight hair or beach waves, the above styles are in fact season’s best and gorgeous looks. Follow up these tips, and develop a chic style at home without spending those extra penny at the salon.

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