Top 5 Celebrity Highlights for Brown Hair

Ready for a new and dashing look? Here’s our Top 5 celebrity highlights for Brown Hair for 2014. Right from the beginning of the 2013 red carpet season, the A-listers have been surprising us with their stunning hairstyles and colors. Whether it was Rihhana’s bold fine-chopped hairdos or Kim Kardashian’s blonde look or Miley Cyrus’ controversial pixie haircut or somebody else, contemporary hair trend 2013 has taken the viewers by storm.

Cool highlights for Brown Hair

While these hot divas were busy in surprising the fashionable crowd around the world, another set of elegant vogue icons like Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, and few others have made it a point to wear exotic shades over their brown hair (it’s a secret).

Romantic, tempting and dreamy, highlighted brown hair has been a 2013 fashion staple.

So, we have rounded up a few from those several jaw-dropping celebrity highlights for brown hair for 2014, as well as some secrets for emulating those looks. In a nutshell, be inspired and prepared for 2014.

Jennifer Lawrence Brown HairJennifer Lawrence

Best actress 2013 award, and now the best entertainer of 2013 by the Associated Press, Jennifer Lawrence kept everyone entertained in 2013. For this gorgeous girl of Hollywood, rapid hair makeovers is often a part of her job, but her sun-kissed highlighted brown hair look was simply super gorgeous. Astonishing amalgam of wide and thin highlights over natural brown – you rocked it JLaw.

To make it work for you, ask your hair colorist for darker hues at the tips and thin highlights around the scalp.

Sandra Bullock Fresh Brunette Highlighted HairSandra Bullock

The “Gravity” girl, and Vogue poster beauty, Sandra Bullock makes a striking mark in the fashion world in the year of 2013 with her highlighted brown hair and imperfectly perfect glossy makeup. Sandra’s ultra modern long straight chocolate brown hair with copper colored ends can be a dreamy option for all smart girls looking to wear an edgy appearance this year.

Megan Fox Hairstyle 2014Megan Fox

Megan Fox, Hollywood’s hot mama and her hairstyle has always been an eye-popping element amidst hairstylists and fashion crazy crowd. To sum up her ultra-dark brunette hair with sleek highlights, there is just one word, sexy.

Ask your hair colorist to incorporate some other colors as lowlights, as Mega is simply one off, and you should know that.

Rose Byrne Brown Highlighted HairstyleRose Byrne

“The Turning” star, Rose Byrne, and probably the next big thing in fashion world (for those of you who were there at the Emmy Awards 2013), surprises everyone with her fresh, effervescent brunette hair with highlights. Her brown base and glowing shades create an unavoidable spark to her the overall look.

If you too have brunette hair, this unquestionably can be a good choice.

Scarlett Johansson Long Brown Hair with HighlightsScarlett Johansson

Esquire’s sexiest woman alive, Scarlet Johansson turns all heads around with her a warm brunette highlighted hair. Her shiny, edgy brunette hair shines the brightest in the H-town.

If you are tired of your ordinary brown hair, here’s the wake-up call.  Have a close look at these top 5 celebrity highlights for brown hair for 2014 mentioned above, and choose the most flattering shade for your brunette hair.

Hair colors and shades can play a significant role in polishing your look, especially when you have brown hair, but when and only when done right. So, just be very careful, and consult a good hair stylist.

Do you have some tips of ideas to share with us? Let us know through comments.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and Stylish New Year in 2014.

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