Top Cute Short Hairstyles of the Year

Short hair is becoming more and more popular among women, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are low maintenance! Some of the cutest cuts can be seen with short hair, and many of them take time to perfect. These trendy styles can be modified slightly to help personalize the look. If you are thinking of retiring your luscious locks or just want a cute look for the holidays, use this guide to help you find perfect cute short hairstyles. Should these top looks not speak to you as a good hairstyle should, check here for more cute looks.

4 Simple and Cool Cute Short Hairstyles


Short Brown Hair Top Cute Short Hairstyles of the Year

Cute Short Hairstyles

Short Brown Hair

This is one of the cute short hairstyles that nearly anyone can look fabulous wearing. The bedhead look has always been a favorite among men’s hairstyles, but the trend looks great on women who want a bit of body and an easy-to-manage style. Loose spikes are perfect for everyday, and the style easily allows women to create more defined spikes if they choose. After getting the hair cut, simply tease, blow dry, and spray with a strong holding hairspray to get a unique look. This short and spiky style is easy to make your own!

charlize theron short hair Top Cute Short Hairstyles of the Year

Cute Short Hairstyles

Charlize Theron Short Hair

Curls are one of the oldest ways of getting a cute look. Whether your hair naturally curls, you get a regular perm, or you do it the old fashioned way with self-grip or hot rollers,  curls add a special touch to any length of hair. On short hair, the look becomes elegant and toned. You won’t run out of ways to style curly locks, especially when you have your favorite styling products by your side. This beautiful look was made with a combination of great curls and teasing the hair to give it volume. Bangs are optional, but are typically included in the style to create a frame for the face.

Super Short Top Cute Short Hairstyles of the Year

Cute Short Hairstyles

Super Short Hairstyles

One growing trend for women is the super short look, another style that was standard for men only in previous years. These cute short hairstyles create the image of sweet and innocent, especially when combined with a young, childish complexion or wide eyes. These styles tend to be very low maintenance, especially when compared to elaborate curls or spikes, but be cautious in your hair care. The super short look will show dandruff. Be sure to brush thoroughly and use a product that will give your short hair a bit of body if you want to rock this look.

Pixie Cut Top Cute Short Hairstyles of the Year

Cute Short Hairstyles

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is another super short hair cut, but the two have their own unique traits. The pixie style is a bit longer than the super short cut, and it requires more styling than the super short look. The hair is draped to just below the ears and parted to avoid the face. With a pixie cut, you can create a number of cute short hairstyles ranging from brush-and-go to a stylish updo. Combine a few small curls or wavy hair to give the style more definition.

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