Glamorous Celebrity Updo Hairstyles That Will Inspire You

In Hollywood, things always wind down during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Celebrities are vacationing in St. Tropez, Cabo San Lucas and Dubai. However, once January rolls around it begins not only a New Year but also award season, which includes red carpets, high fashion, emotional acceptance speeches and, of course, beautiful hair.

The Best Updo Hairstyles This Year

If you want to know the latest updo hairstyles designed by celebrity hairstylists, tune in to the SAG Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Grammys or even the Academy Awards. Below is a peek at some of the gorgeous hairstyles were worn by Charlize Theron, Emma Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker and Miley Cyrus.


Charlize Theron Always Dazzles

Charlize Theron 199x300 Glamorous Celebrity Updo Hairstyles That Will Inspire You

Her elegant updo is so feminine. Her hairstyle and silver intricate fashion design are matched to perfection.Her softly tousled, wavy updo hairstyle is vintage, circa 1920s. The hairstyle looks very glamorous due to the wavy side bang.


Emma Stone Wavy And En Vogue

Emma Stone 300x206 Glamorous Celebrity Updo Hairstyles That Will Inspire You

If your hair is medium length, you might want to replicate Emma Stone’s stylish wavy updo. At first glance you might feel this hairstyle is quite unassuming; however, on closer inspection you will see that it looks sophisticated and shows off her beautiful facial features.


Sarah Jessica Parker Knotted Updo

Sarah Jessica Parker 200x300 Glamorous Celebrity Updo Hairstyles That Will Inspire You

Sarah Jessica Parker may have started out on a little sitcom as a girl nerd, but nowadays she is Hollywood royalty. With this updo, the only thing she is missing is her crown. This is the perfect updo for award season. This knotted updo looks elegant on the red carpet. Since she has a lot of hair, it is balanced nicely with her strapless pearl gown. If you don’t have the length and thickness of Sarah’s hair, don’t worry about it. Opt for hair extensions to get this look.


Miley Cyrus Updo Is Dangerously Understated

Miley Cyrus 200x300 Glamorous Celebrity Updo Hairstyles That Will Inspire You

Miley Cyrus truly understands the purpose of an updo. By piling your hair neatly on top of your head, it gives your neck an elongated appearance. It puts the focuson your upper body, so that you can bring attention to your earrings and necklace.

If you are ready to add a little Hollywood glamour to your next event or occasion, try out a celebrity updo. It will make your hair appear soft and sexy. In addition, a sophisticated updo hairstyle will add height and volume to your stature.

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